Handshake Across the Niger
  • JAN 11/2018
  • The Base Event Center, Enugu

A joint Ohaneze/Afenifere celebration of Fajuyi/Aguiyi by Nzuko Umunna

Nzuko Umunna Entrepreneurship Summit
  • JAN 26/2018
  • Enugu

A get together of captains of industries, SMEs and government representatives

Nzuko Umunna Leadership Roundtable
  • DEC 16/2018
  • Abia.

An interactive session with leaders in the south east with the major aim of reviewing government policies and development programs

Nzuko Umunna Youth Empowerment Program
  • DEC 31/2018
  • Enugu

Empowerment programs and support for young entrepreneurs to encourage regional investment.

Nzuko Umunna Election Debates
  • Jan 31/2016
  • Anambra

An Nzuko Umunna organized debate for candidates seeking elective positions in the south east region

Aku Ruo Uno Campaign
  • Feb 12/2016

A think home initiative by Nzuko Umunna to encourage local investment in the various states in Alaigbo