What We Do


Nzuko Umunna is an Igbo sociocultural think tank comprising of Igbo professionals both at home
and in the disapora with the aim of working together for regional development. Below are some of our action points.


Nzuko Umunna leverages her huge human resource to make political interventions at different levels of governance. There is a standing committee on political matters.


Our team of economic experts and members create a perfect synergy to develop economic partnership with other regions. Request access to the report through registration


Nzuko Umunna hold it to our heart to preserve our traditions, culture, language and institutions through social awareness and sensitization.

Bridge Building

Nzuko Umunna leverages on its abundance of seasoned and experienced diplomats in building constructive and strategic alliances both at national and international level

New Narrative

In Nzuko Umunna, we anchor a new narrative that will foster peace, trust and unity among the ethnic nationalities of Nigeria.


Nzuko Umunna does not hesitate to intervene in the cause of justice. Our capable legal team and activists are always ready when called upon to call attention to injustice

Join the cause

We welcome Igbo sons and daughters both at home and in the diaspora to join us and contribute their ideas and actions for the collective wellbeing

Prospective members can join by registering on the website.

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